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Solar Energy – Photovoltaics (PV)

October 2015: Deutsche Bank predicts solar grid parity in all US states  by 2016.

At peak hours during the day in the Earth’s sunbelt region, our sun can supply our planet’s surface with 1kw of energy per m2, today and every day. By way of contrast, the oil and gas we mine and consume took over 150 million years to produce.

Oil and gas has become increasingly unsafe, polluting, scarce and expensive to extract. Moreover, defending global coastlines from the effects of rising sea levels and extreme weather will soon be a price no one will wish to pay now we have viable alternatives. The era of oil, gas and coal will soon end.

Solar power produces immediate, clean and renewable power and will continue to do so as long as the sun shines. The era of clean energy from Solar Panels has begun.

With oil and gas sources and prices so volatile and nuclear so expensive to commission, inertia and unimaginative policy making are poor reasons for not adopting renewable energy.